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dymax_voltage 5.45

The Voltage II

The relaunched electrified Dymax_5.45 version – the Voltage II has various new features on board. 

Through switching our energysystem to lithium-iron phosphate batteries we can guarantee more safety and performance. Also the lifespan of these batteries is, with 2000 cycles of charging much longer than others. With a capacity up to 28 kWh, a range of 48 km with a speed of 25 km/h is possible.

We could compensate the disadvantage of a little more weight of the batteries, by reducing the weight of the hull. 

The extraordinary properties of the hull, making sportive cruising even under electric power possible.
Also in narrow curves the Voltage II doesn`t really loose speed.

With 50 km/h the Voltage II is possibly the fastest electrified boat under 100.000 €.

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