dynamic slender planing craft

HotChocolate 5.45

The  roadster on the water.A lightweight and comfortable two seated craft with outstanding accelaration and a topspeed over 40 knots.

A lenght of 5.45 meters and a powerful turbocharged engine combined with an agile jetdrive, makes rough waters and narrow curves the speciality of the Dymax_5.45.

With customized fitments and a free choice of colour we can fullfill every wish of our customer.


-    Over 100 service points worldwide for engines and propulsion  systems

-    Engineered and handmade in Germany

-    Advanced Buildingmethod, using glasreinforced epoxy resin, with structural foam

-    Ultralight, extremely strong, resistant and durable

-    High performance and highspeed, a smooth, comfortable and save ride

-    Hull designed to take rough water and waves

-    Best power-weight ration up to 1:2

-    Efficient ride at all speeds

-    Low draft because of the jet, no propeller, low risk of injuris

-    Can be used as a ski boat, special equipment available

-    Prepared with lifting points and hoisting gear for easy handling

-    All preparations possible for using it as a tender to a Megayacht

-    Removable carbon fibre bow as an option, for  better storage especially for yachts from 25 m

-    Easy removebal tubes for better storage or transportation

-    Easy transport on a trailor, boat can be sliped

-    4 differant engine types are available

     -    worldwide distribution in standart shipping containers 
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