dynamic slender planing craft

self propelled

A self propelled free running model is a further addition to the towing tank results.

There are various things that can be observed and tested:

          • the overall performance and behavior

          • course keeping and stability

    stearing ability

    angel of heel, angel of trimm, turning radius

    planing mode

    seakeeping, impact of waves and wind


Following data can be recorded:

    model speed

    propeller rpm

    motor power in Watt

    torque / thrust at propeller shaft


    g- force

How does it work:

we a have a full range of equipment to setup a propulsion system with high efficient brushless electric motors and controllers, steering and trimm devices, regarding the given scale and estimated power.

Shafts for submerged propellers, z- drives, outboardmotors, jetpumps, and surfacedrive units are available as well as a range of bronce or stainless props to fit the right scale.

The models are steered by radio control, so speed steering trimm are controlled proportionaly.

All the installed sensors record in one file. Additionaly the data can be seen in realtime while driving on a screen onshore.

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