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towing tank

We can arrange for towing tests at the facility of the DST, Development Center for Ship Technology and Transport Systems in Duisburg. Tank towing tests are nessasary for the prediction of the hydrodynamic performance of a boat, ship or marine installation, the safety and environmental impact, using the results of physical model tests, numerical modelling and full-scale measurements.

Large towing tank

  • 200m length, 10m width, with a maximum depth of 1.25m; towing carriage speed up to 6.0 m/s max.; 
tests in flowing water with adjustable flow speed.

Fast towing carriage

  • Installed in the large towing tank, maximum velocity 15m/s, can be operated independent of and simultaneously with the big towing carriage for overtaking and encountering model tests.

Manoeuvering tank

  • 25m length, 25m width, max. depth 1.25m.

Wave generator

  • permanently installed in the large towing tank, with three separate sections, especially for shallow water requirements; wave spectrums can be defined.

DST is member of the iTTC, the international Towing Tank Conference.

The DST in Duisburg is one of the few development centers worldwide, to have a fast towing carriage, able to maintain a velocity of 15m/sec.

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