dynamic slender planing craft

the dymax hull

The Dymax hull represents a major innovation in pleasure craft.  It’s unique design gives it  extraordinary hydrodynamic properties.  The narrow entry parts the water with minimum resistance and the rounded midship sections displace smoothly and evenly. 

A pronounced step draws air under the clean aft sections, further reducing drag.  The result is an extremely smooth ride at all speeds.  Acceleration from displacement to planing mode is quick with none of the bow-high pitch experienced in ordinary planing hulls.  The boats cruise comfortably and efficiently at high speed with no tendancy to porpoise or oscillate. 

The easy, rounded sections act as shock absorbers, eliminating pounding.  At rest, the narrow hull is stabilized like a trimaran by the inflated tubes aft.

The construction is a blend of traditional quality and modern composites.  Wood, foam, epoxy and reinforcing fibers are used to create a light, strong and durable craft to satisfy a growing demand for high tech sport with an ecological awareness.

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